Oren Goldenberg's documentary, Our School , chronicles the intimate lives of 3 Detroit high schools that were on Robert Bobb's (emergency manager of Detroit public schools) list. The film is beautiful--both texturally and emotionally. He spoke on the November 6th panel about schools and media as being sources of power that both have the potential to extend our abilities to interact and project.

Oren is also active on the board of the Issac Agree Synagogue --Detroit's last remaining synagogue. Oren spoke, among other things, about his own interest in understanding the Jewish connection to Detroit history, and the shifting perceptions of the city of Detroit among the Jewish population. From suburban residents who were either city residents or who are the descendants of former Detroiters, there is a complex range of emotions connecting Jewish Americans to the urban centers that were their social, commercial, civic and spiritual hubs for much of the 20th century.

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