creativity that transcends class

We had an unbelievable discussion on Saturday with a full house at CAID. It'll take me a little while to process it, and I'm looking forward to doing so not only to share some of the conversation but to continue it and provoke more. First, huge thanks to our panel--Chazz Miller (in photo with Rich Feldman from the Boggs Center), Mike Han, Ron Scott, Oren Goldenberg, Mashawnta Armstrong, Shea Howell--and every one who came out.

Some quick take-aways:

from Ron Scott: Artists bring the possibility to see the city as it never has been. But this can not be a replacement for the city and the people who are here and who have been here.

from Shew Howell: Creativity brings new visions and new narratives for what Detroit means to the nation.

My plan here is to tease out a few discussion threads from each panelist and from the audience questions.

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