what color is your hipster?

I want to put this out here, because it is something that motivated this show. Namely, the relationship between art and work in our cities (and specifically in Detroit) and how that relationship more often than not skews towards an image of a recent college graduate, and predominately white.

Is this:
A media lens that tends to focus on this singular demographic as if Detroit were a City waiting for the arrival of a certain bohemian class? I'll post links to a sequence of New York Times articles that celebrate these folks as the harbingers of a new era for Detroit culture, and I'll talk more about what issues this celebration raises (at least for me--and welcome your responses and insights.)

Do we all know people who look like us and talk like us and therefore we tend to gaggle as such--report on one another, have shows with one another?

Is that enough? Interesting enough, just enough, challenging enough?

Read this demographic profile from the Time Blog, that codifies a growing population of non-Hispanic whites and ask what stories and trends like this mean for art, race and the city

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