Mosaic House proposal

As an artist living and working in Detroit, I naturally seek out beauty in the blight and decay around me. I’ve been spending time seeking out graffiti and other non-traditional public art, and feel inspired to contribute.
I have been working in mosaics for 8 years, and am interested in executing a large scale mosaic. I would love the opportunity to mosaic an entire abandoned house in the Woodbridge area. I want to be to Detroit what Isaiah Zagar is for Philadelphia, and Laurel True is for San Francisco.
In the past I have been commissioned to execute large scale mosaic fireplaces, porches, outdoor spaces and furniture. I re-purpose materials as often as possible in my work, and work to transform existing discarded and otherwise useless items into something new and inspiring. I use ceramic tile, dishes, tempered glass from car windows and found objects.
Once a house has been identified, I plan to get the community involved in every aspect by holding a series of workshops for both children and adults. The workshops will be utilized to edify the community in general, build a good communication with those who will be first impacted by the project, and then finally, to educate about what kind of materials and objects can be utilized in a large scale mosaic. The purpose of this is so that people can contribute in several ways. Actual assistance in putting the mosaic together, ideas of objects/materials that can be used, or, most importantly to help them figure out what items/materials/objects they could contribute to the overall mosaic from their own lives.
My dream would be to purchase the house and open up a clubhouse/community center to provide a safe and welcoming space where the community can gather.
This is a way we can take back the city. Together, we are showing we care and are willing spend the time and effort needed to invest in our environment.
-Joey Merchant

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