Mary Claire Duran

My thoughts as a thirty year career as an art educator comes to an end are on where to direct my energies next. I want to get involved in the Riverfront Conservancy and make sure that our riverwalk to the bridge gets developed. To me that would be a true work of art--a litter-free place to enjoy the water embellished with natural plantings and sculptures. Also, my dream is for the public school students of Detroit to have a school ship--a place where every fifth grade class can go out on the water and learn about stewardship of our river.

Well, that is a pretty big dream, but not impossible I think. If it were made a part of the next bond proposal and there was a campaign to inform the voters we might have a chance. With the billions being spent on new facilities, why couldn’t we have this type of facility? Perhaps it could be a partnership as the renovation of the former Boblo boat St. Claire moves forward.

I am a fiber artist--weavings, quilts, wall hangings, anything that has to do with fabric and yarns and clothing. I am not sure I get the same satisfaction when I finish a non-functional piece as when I finish a functional piece. Or maybe it’s a different kind of satisfaction or maybe it has to do with the function of a non-functional piece being simply to be a piece of art. I am not going to bother my head too much about this, just going to continue having fun in my studio. -MD

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  1. Madame Duran,

    I am one of your former F.L.I.C.S. students! I was in your class in 1994. I have been trying to find my former teachers, and I came across this page from a google search. Please e-mail me at danielle.h423@gmail.com if you feel comfortable with that. I would love to hear how you've been doing.

    I finished school back in May and I'm going to start teaching this fall. (French!) I still remember how much I enjoyed your class, and I remember the French Bible you gave me. I still have it.