Chazz Miller of Public ArtWorkz, Detroit:
Life is how you create it! When we take a look at this economic down turn we think wow things are really bad, this way of thinking is all wrong if we expect to move forward. Opportunity is all around us--Detroit Diesel ships auto parts all over the world, one of my business partners has a recycling company called Federal Recycling and recently acquired several hundred shipping crates, that were no longer being used because of the economic downturn. Chazz and his Public Art Workz team created hand cut butterflies for a project called the Papllion Effect--cut outs were made out of the shipping crate walls and the Papllions used to cover up blighted buildings. The crates also served as planter boxes for community gardens,and made great storage containers for recycling. This just one example of how resource rich Detroit is.

Using art to beautify and educate and uplift the community has been the primary goal of Public Art Workz since 2003. We strongly believe by creating a positive environment stimulates positive action, attitudes, uplifts community pride creating opportunities to interact with your neighbors.

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