A creative education: Part II

In the last post, a creative education (see below) I wrote about what I saw as a missed opportunity to talk about ideas for a more creative art education in Detroit.

Following up on that opportunity, here are some models that are inspiring:

Trade School is in NYC and is based on a barter system. Know something? Teach something. Share something. The emphasis is on a social exchange of sharing skills.

From Trade School's values:

  • Practical Skills (action over abstraction, enthusiasm over experts)
  • Reciprocity (everyone has something to share: anyone can teach, everyone can 'afford' the barter because it includes labor)
  • Rigor + Humility (unempowering and empowering work for all)
  • Community Space (share food/tea, make furniture, you know the organizers because we are sitting in class with you)

How we work:

  • Design for the community you are part of (it's easy to make bad decisions if they don't effect you) [at the end of school we met with all our students/teachers]
  • Work in a Small Group (each person added to the group doubles the amount of time it takes to make a decision. ex: 6 people for Trade School, but really 3 people plus students/teachers

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