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Over the past month I've been spending time in two distinctly different parts of the city. Brightmor in the northwest, and Southwest Detroit in, well, Southwest Detroit. In both places I have the great fortune to work with remarkable people associated with schools--in Brightmor the gentle utopian, Bart Eddy, at Detroit Community School (a charter school founded on Waldorf principles of holistic education) and in Southwest with Juan Martinez, principal of Ceasar Chavez Academy.

The image above is of the Hickey House, a homestead/garden I'll write more about in the next few months.

I'm trying to parse out an outline for how I'd like to attend to the realization my time working in these neighborhoods has afforded. In short, it is that the vastness of the City of Detroit, which I had previously described in geographic terms (139 square miles, NYC, Boston and San Francisco could fit within etc etc) has a vast social dimension.

More soon

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