Nate Mullen

In the past year, economic crisis has taken the world by storm, but Detroit has been facing a cultural, economic and countless other catastrophes for years. As an artist born and raised and now returning to the city, I have been witness to both the hardships that face the city and the amazing people who raise up to face these challenges. Many are concerned about when things are going to return to the way they were before, but for Detroit just going back isn't good enough.

Detroit doesn't have opportunities that people are handing out, but rather raw materials that could possibly yield major rewards. To live in this city is a daily struggle with the failing city government, educational system and inadequate access to basic resources, to succeed you have to take thing into your own hands. Which is, prime real estate for artist or anyone bold enough to take on the challenge. As residence of Detroit it is our duty to take in these resources and use them to rebuild this city, in our image.

This is what shapes the people of this place and what informs my work as an artist. What may look like vandalism to some is my reform for the city. What the city lacks in typical resources, it makes up for in alternative mediums. In my case, old bill boards that populate my neighborhood serve as the canvas to my work. Many of them have been abandoned, because the area's population is so low, companies don't see it as worth while to advertising in, making them perfect display for my work. I pasting over sized drawings on the bill boards, to relay messages to my neighborhood or anyone passing threw. The people of Detroit need not to look to depend on other things support our city, we will make our own in our city, our own food, our own stores, and our own bill board.

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